Our history

A dad’s invention for his children

One nice morning in the summer of 2000, Bastien, the oldest son of Vincent Claessens, called his father to tell him he had finished sleeping. It was… 5.30 a.m.! That is how the Claessens’Kids adventure really started!

Vincent Claessens, father of 6 small children (Bastien, Arthur, Zoé, Fanny, Inès and Jade), and the founder of Claessens’Kids, then discovered that many parents face the same problem he has: young children often get up too early!

In fact, early in the morning, everything around the child seems to point out that it is actually time to get up: the light, the first noises of the morning, the chirping of the birds.. and yet it is wrong! And by the way, which adult has never been embarrassed when on a particular morning he did not have a watch to indicate that he could still get some… or even a lot of sleep!

The solution!

Encouraged by this finding, Vincent Claessens invented the Kid’Sleep, the first nightlight with an alarm display for children. In a playful and educational way, it solves this problem that every very young child has: is it really time to get up or do I have to sleep a bit longer?

Claessens’Kids, it’s time for kids!

Almost 15 years have already passed since that fateful day of September 2000. At today hundreds of thousands of parents have already chosen the Kid’Sleep to help their children to sleep longer. Following this success, Claessens’Kids has given itself a new mission : bringing to the market innovative and educational products dedicated to make the life easier for parents and children! Claessens’Kids, it’s time for kids!

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Kid’Sleep and Stars


Stanislas Wawrinka

A special Kid’Sleep Moon in the hands of a very special Dad ! Thank you so much Stan !

Blog MyLifeSuckers

Deva Dalporto is an American blogger mom (www.mylifesuckers.com) who has created buzz beginning in 2014 with this video parody of the song “Let it go” from the film “Frozen”.
In the bedroom of her children, we can see a Kid’Sleep Classic in blue!!!
You can watch the video by clicking

Teheiura Koh-Lanta

Teheiura, one of the participants of the famous French TV program Koh-Lanta ( October 3rd 2014), had a Kid’Sleep Classic in pink in his daughter’s room!



What do you think about the Kid’Sleep Classic?

Reviews from customers found on Amazon.com :

+ Still can't believe it...

« Wow…still can’t believe this works! We have a 2 1/2 year old who (every morning) would wake up screaming to get out of his crib. Now, he actually stays in bed until “bunny wakes up”. The really funny thing is that my husband and I can hear him upstairs as soon as the clock turns saying, “daddy, bunny is up…bunny is up» By happysleeper

+ LOVE this!!!

« When I bought this, I was at my wit’s end with my two year old that was up by 5 every morning. The first week, I talked up the bunny big time and set the alarm for 6. The first night or two were rough, but STICK WITH IT!! By night three, he understood that I wasn’t coming back into his room until the bunny was awake. Make sure, even if it’s only 5 minutes, that they aren’t allowed up until the bunny wakes up. Once he started sleeping until 6, I starting moving the clock up in 15 minute increments. I now have a 2 year old that sleeps until 7 and has started asking for me to turn on his bunny clock during naptime too. Definitely recommend this product! I liked this one because it’s silent, so if he ever sleeps past his “alarm”, it won’t wake him up. I had no problem programming it at all. »  silent, so if he ever sleeps past his “alarm”, it won’t wake him up. I had no problem programming it at all. By Miranda

+ AHHH Precious morning sleep

« You know those hours in the morning when you just want them to sleep for 30 precious minutes?? This is your answer!! We bought it, set it, and now can’t live without it! Both of our daughters 2 and 3 got it without a hesitation. If the bunny is up you can come out, if he isn’t up yet stay in your room until he wakes up. Love it!» By K. Chavez

+ Works like a charm...


Our 3-1/2 year old was waking up at 6:00-6:30 every morning no matter if we kept him up late or not. A friend recommended this and it has been a blessing. He still wakes up early but we told him he needed to stay in his room until the “bunny” shows to get up. Day one it worked, day two he came in our room early but I just laid with him back in his room until the bunny showed up. Day three until now (2 weeks later) he has stayed in his room until the time we set it for. It may not help the kid sleep but our goal was him not to come wake us up and it has accomplished that. » By G. Segura

+ Great tool to keep your kids from YELLING TO GET UP!

« We’ve been dealing with our 3.5 year old, and when the appropriate time to ask to get up is. Well, suffice it to say, screaming and yelling to get up at 7 in the morning is not going to cut it on our days off! After explaining his new “alarm clock” to him, the first morning, he didn’t make a PEEP until 8 am. Are you kidding me? When I asked him, he said, “Daddy, I waited for my bunny friend to wake, then I knew I could wake up!” No more middle of the night wake ups, expecting to go downstairs. I can’t believe I waited this long to get it for him. Our 2 year old will be getting one as well, very soon. Don’t think about it, GET THIS CLOCK! » By Z. Vandyke “Z-man”

+ Did the trick!

« Our daughter is now sleeping through the night. In the morning she is happy and tells us the “cow awake now”. Great product.  » By davethej