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+ How long do you guarantee your products ?

Our products are guaranteed for one year.


+ What is the delivery time ?

 You will receive your order within two to four weeks. It depends on the countries.


+ My Kid’Sleep Classic screen seems to be crazy.

Put the batteries in before to plug the clock in.  If the batteries are already in, there is a simple remedy:  unplug the clock, take out the batteries, wait five minutes.  Then, put the batteries in first and then plug the clock back in.

+ My Kid’Sleep Classic works but there is no more light.

If your product was bought before 2010, it works with bulbs. One or two bulbs could be broken. Replace them with the two bulbs that you received in the box.

+ Does my Kid’Sleep Classic work with bulbs or LED?

If your product was bought after 2010, it works with LED.

+ What kind of bulbs does the Kid’Sleep Classic use?

You need bulbs 12V 0.05 A so 0.6W. 

+How do I change the bulbs in my Kid’Sleep Classic ?

You have to unscrew the five screws on the back side of the Kid’Sleep Classic.

+ My Kid’Sleep Classic, bought after 2010, works with LED but there is no more light.

Verify your settings.

+ The character doesn’t go back to bed.

To return the character to the sleeping position, simply turn the red main switch back to O and then turn it to the desired position. 


+ The Kid’Sleep Clock doesn’t ring or not at the correct time.

Check that the small alarm button is not on 0! Are you sure you have set the alarm pointer in the direction indicated? 

+ The hands do not turn anymore or the hands are late.

Check that the delay doesn’t take place after a power cut. Then, follow the procedure of this video 

+ One or both parts of the screen of the nightlight doesn’t light.

Check that the small button on the back of the screen of the nightlight is not on 0. 


+ My Kid’Sleep Globetrotter doesn’t light.

Low batteries may cause the Kid’Sleep Globetrotter to not function properly. Try to change the batteries. If it still doesn’t work, go back to the store where you purchased it and ask for an exchange. Our products are guaranteed for one year.


+ My KWID’s screen doesn’t light.

You have to change the battery (2032, available in specialist stores). If it doesn’t work, go back to the store where you purchased it and ask for an exchange. Our products are guaranteed for one year.

+ My KWID switches off during the day.

In order to save energy , the watch is on standby from 9pm to 7am. To restart, simply press the red button . Maybe you have made a wrong choice between AM / PM and therefore , the watch is on standby during the day every 15 minutes.


+ I did not found the answer to my question..

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